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U*Realized uses an hourly rate and client requirements to provide project cost estimates in the areas of business coaching, business strategy, marketing strategy, and customer experience.

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Business Coaching

This offering is customized to client needs and tackles a range of topics including how to:

  • Balance a small business and your job

  • Expand a business vision

  • Create a business on your terms

Marketing Strategy

Your marketing strategy should integrate your brand vision, ideal customers, and offering together in a tidy package. I help you:

  • Create your marketing strategy

  • Increase the visibility of your brand

  • Identify the right tactics for your strategy (social, email, etc.)

  • Measure marketing activities

  • Identify supporting technology

Business Strategy

A good business strategy considers what you will do and what you won’t. I assist with:

  • Strategy refinement

  • Customer segment exploration

  • Competitive landscape/analysis

Customer Experience Strategy

This offering aims to better your customer experience. We’ll increase customer understanding and:

  • Review your website experience, alongside customer feedback

  • Map your customer journey

  • Explore experience “adds” (e.g. online communities)

  • Develop new customer feedback loops

  • Build a plan for continuous improvement